RMariaDB 1.0.8 2019-12-17

  • Implement dbGetInfo() according to the specification.
  • Include information about libssl-dev in configure and DESCRIPTION (#101).

RMariaDB 1.0.7 2019-12-02

  • Get rid of auto_ptr, which causes R CMD check warnings on R-devel.

RMariaDB 1.0.6 (2018-05-05) 2018-05-06

  • Add support for bigint argument to dbConnect(), supported values are "integer64", "integer", "numeric" and "character". Large integers are returned as values of that type (r-dbi/DBItest#133).
  • Data frames resulting from a query always have unique non-empty column names (r-dbi/DBItest#137).
  • New arguments temporary and fail_if_missing (default: TRUE) to dbRemoveTable() (r-dbi/DBI#141, r-dbi/DBI#197).
  • Using dbCreateTable() and dbAppendTable() internally (r-dbi/DBI#74).
  • Implement format() method for MariaDBConnection (r-dbi/DBI#163).
  • Reexporting Id(), DBI::dbIsReadOnly() and DBI::dbCanConnect().
  • Now imports DBI 1.0.0.

RMariaDB 1.0.5 (2018-04-02) 2018-04-03

  • dbGetException() is no longer reexported from DBI.
  • NaN and Inf are converted to NULL when writing to the database (#77).
  • Values of class "integer64" are now supported for dbWriteTable() and dbBind() (#87).
  • Schema support, as specified by DBI: dbListObjects(), dbUnquoteIdentifier() and Id().
  • Names in the x argument to dbQuoteIdentifier() are preserved in the output (r-lib/DBI#173).
  • Replace non-portable timegm() with private implementation (#78).
  • Update libmariadbclient to version 2.3.5 on Windows (#92, @jeroen).

RMariaDB 1.0-4 (2017-12-11) 2017-12-11

  • Attempt to fix Solaris builds by redefining timegm symbol if the macro sun is defined.
  • Fix examples running on CRAN by using only temporary tables and overwrite = TRUE.
  • Refactor connection and result handling to be more similar to other backends.
  • Add support for R 3.1, but DBI >= 0.5 is required (#68).
  • Queries that bypass the prepared statement framework (like SHOW PLUGINS) return data (#70, @nbenn).
  • A temporary table can be created via dbWriteTable() if a table by the same name exists. If a temporary table of the same name exists, the error will be raised by the database itself, because this condition cannot be checked beforehand.

RMariaDB 1.0-2 (2017-10-01) 2017-10-04

Initial release, compliant to the DBI specification.

  • Test almost all test cases of the DBI specification.
  • Fully support parametrized queries (#22, #27, #39).
  • Queries not supported by the prepared statement protocol still can be run via dbExecute() or dbSendStatement(), the function mariadbExecQuery() has been removed (#28).
  • Spec-compliant transactions (#38, #49).
  • 64-bit integers are now supported through the bit64 package. Unfortunately, this also means that numeric literals (as in SELECT 1) are returned as 64-bit integers (#12).
  • Correct handling of DATETIME and TIME columns (#52, @noahwilliamsson). Support timestamp values with sub-second precision on output, and with year beyond 2038 (#56).
  • The connection now uses the “utf8mb4” charset by default (#7).
  • New default row.names = FALSE.
  • New SSL-related arguments to dbConnect(): ssl.key, ssl.cert, ssl.ca, ssl.capath, ssl.cipher (#131, #148, @adamchainz).
  • CI for Linux, Windows, and OS X (#25).
  • Support for Connector/C from both MariaDB and MySQL.

RMariaDB 0.11-1 (2016-03-24) Unreleased

  • RMariaDB fully supports DATE and DATETIME columns. On output, DATE columns will be converted to vectors of Dates and DATETIME will be converted to POSIXct. To faciliate correct computation of time zone, RMariaDB always sets the session timezone to UTC.

  • RMariaDB has been rewritten (essentially from scratch) in C++ with Rcpp. This has considerably reduced the amount of code, and allow us to take advantage of the more sophisticated memory management tools available in Rcpp. This rewrite should yield some minor performance improvements, but most importantly protect against memory leaks and crashes. It also provides a better base for future development.

  • Support for prepared queries: create prepared query with dbSendQuery() and bind values with dbBind(). dbSendQuery() and dbGetQuery() also support inline parameterised queries, like dbGetQuery(mariadbDefault(), "SELECT * FROM mtcars WHERE cyl = :cyl", params = list(cyl = 4)). This has no performance benefits but protects you from SQL injection attacks.

  • dbListFields() has been removed. Please use dbColumnInfo() instead.

  • dbGetInfo() has been removed. Please use the individual metadata functions.

  • Information formerly contain in summary() methods has now been integrated into show() methods.

  • make.db.names() has been deprecated. Use dbQuoteIdentifier() instead.

  • isIdCurrent() has been deprecated. Use dbIsValid() instead.

  • dbApply(), dbMoreResults() and dbNextResults() have been removed. These were always flagged as experimental, and now the experiment is over.

  • dbEscapeStrings() has been deprecated. Please use dbQuoteStrings() instead.

  • dbObjectId compatibility shim removed

  • Add SSL support on Windows.

  • Fix repetition of strings in subsequent rows (@peternowee, #125).

  • Always set connection character set to utf-8

  • Backport build system improvements from stable branch

  • Reenable Travis-CI, switch to R Travis, collect coverage